brown bear

Here is the bear I made for Oscar for his birthday. It's so hard to wait to give it to him! I'm really happy with it. It's kind of scary to make a teddy bear as it has been done so many times and so well...but this was a very satisfying project in the end. Speaking of people who make bears, if you haven't already seen my friend Jennifer Murphy's bears and "Other Silly Things" you really should. She makes some seriously adorable things and has taught me a lot.


Giselle said...

Erika--this is a beautiful bear! He looks very vintage, but also modern too. Did you trim the fur around the nose? So fun to have found your blog (via your mom)!
Giselle (across the street)

Colleen said...

your bear is darling. i love jennifer's work -- my daughter received a one-of-a-kind jennifer bear for her birthday. you do amazing work. i really enjoy your blog.