work table/dining room table/toy depository

The first edition of the new doll is getting close to being finished. It took me so long to get this far with this project but I'm excited about the results. The dining room is now my designated work area, and with Oscar in school all morning I'm able to get a bit more work done. Jude brings me little presents sometimes while I'm working.


blueberry applesauce

It has already been eaten.


happy birthday dear sister

I have this annoying habit of not using my most favorite fabrics etc. for fear I'll ruin it or waste it or something. It's really silly and it needs to stop. I busted out all my favorites for this bag for my sisters big birthday however...a lovely Japanese barkcloth type fabric from Superbuzzy, and a bit of vintage wool trim I got at the best estate sale of all time. That sale was so good, I still think about it sometimes, but I digress...

Happy Birthday Alison! You are the Best Sister Ever.


little lambs

these are listed in my etsy shop.


big boy/little boy

First day of school. Ever.



Kids' SOLID Suspenders
Regular price: $10

Christopher Robin wears them under his tunic.



garage sale finds

We had a really lucky garage sale day yesterday. A whole lot of old Majorette cars, a small Eiffel Tower, a corduroy frog and a leather toad and a beautiful children's book called The Animal Fair by Alice and Martin Provensen (1952).

I think these drawings are perfect. There are so many good pages I can't show you all of them.

midnight snack

Teething? Growth spurt? Developmental milestone? Jude woke up and said "brother" this morning...maybe it was the banana?


birthday t-shirts

I designed and screen printed these birthday T shirts a while ago. I finally listed them along with a couple other things in my long neglected Etsy shop. More to come!


a present

This is my favorite way to wrap a small present. A vintage handkerchief and a bit of yarn or ribbon. it's a great way to use old handkerchiefs...there are so many of them out there, in fact I can't remember the last time I went to the thrift store without finding at least one nice one. As previously discussed, there are other great uses for them especially for kids. The present itself deserves its own post I think...


new works

by jude

by oscar

These beauties are watercolors on nice heavy paper. Now it is my turn to make some art...I have a show to make work for.


getting ready

School is starting soon. Oscar needs slippers for his Children's House classroom...He is so ready.