I think it looks sad because it has been neglected all summer.

made with wool felt and some cute Japanese fabric


new pets

The newest pet is the easiest but we still have to feed it...mostly sunlight but it likes bugs too.

This is Oscar's fish "Sportfish". He is not to be eaten.

Future pet?


our kitchen before and after



We still have some finishing up to do...painting trim and also some exterior painting but otherwise it's done. Hooray!



Five years ago I married my favorite person in the whole world in Stockholm (Wisconsin).

photos alison malone



Almost five years ago I got this box of matches along with a bunch of other Japanese cute stuff from some friends in Tokyo. I know it was that long ago because it was a wedding present and now my fifth anniversary is only days away. I loved the image of the kokeshi doll on the box so I kept it in it's plastic wrapper all these years I guess to keep it "nice" forever. The other day Oscar happened upon it and naturally started to take the protective plastic off. "Oh no, don't take the plastic off!" I said to him and then realized how silly that was...they are only matches after all. So we removed the plastic and opened the box and this is what we found!

I cannot express to you how much joy these little faces bring to me. Oscar wants to burn one for some reason but I don't think I can bring myself to do it.