moog party


north shore

We spent a lovely weekend with family on the North Shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais Minnesota. I could go on and on with the photos...and perhaps I will in a later post.


outside house

This outside house was Oscar's idea. He spent the whole morning in it.


I love eyelets

I found these eyelets and an eyelet tool (there must be a better name for this?) at the thrift store the other day. I'm having a bit of trouble getting them into fabric but they work very nicely with paper. I've been sitting on these beautiful vintage bird cards...sort of a book about birds but in card form for some time now (years?) so I decided to use a couple of them to make these pretty gift tags.


bird kite

Oscar and I made this...and it flies! I'll never buy another kite.

new hats

Here is my less than totally successful attempt at a photos shoot of the boys in their new (old) hats from our latest visit to the thrift store. They clearly had better things to do today and who can blame them?