velveteen lamb

This little velveteen lamb was in for a small repair today. He (almost all the stuffed animals and dolls in our house seem to be boys) is a toy I made for Oscar a couple years ago. Stuffed with kapok he has just the right weight and is kind of under-stuffed so he feels like an old down pillow. Of course I never actually hear from my kids that they love and appreciate the things I make for them. Like so many things as a parent, you give your kids everything you have in you and all you can hope for in return is that your kids won't someday tell you you sucked as a parent. I'm trying to learn to give because I want to give...without expectation of affirmation or praise. But today when I saw that this toy was getting worn and a little scruffy from being loved, it gave me a rare feeling of total motherly satisfaction.

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misako mimoko said...

what a sweet feeling! i love it.
(Jude's room is adorable)