first humans

Oscar drew his first human beings!


happy father's day

Dearest Benji...We are so lucky.


little birds

These birds are flying so you can't see their feet.



Things are really coming along with our construction project. Three weeks to go...or perhaps a bit longer.


velveteen lamb

This little velveteen lamb was in for a small repair today. He (almost all the stuffed animals and dolls in our house seem to be boys) is a toy I made for Oscar a couple years ago. Stuffed with kapok he has just the right weight and is kind of under-stuffed so he feels like an old down pillow. Of course I never actually hear from my kids that they love and appreciate the things I make for them. Like so many things as a parent, you give your kids everything you have in you and all you can hope for in return is that your kids won't someday tell you you sucked as a parent. I'm trying to learn to give because I want to give...without expectation of affirmation or praise. But today when I saw that this toy was getting worn and a little scruffy from being loved, it gave me a rare feeling of total motherly satisfaction.


elephant party

I got this elephant sweater at a vintage kids clothes sale the other day. It's made of beautiful soft wool and according to the tag it was made with love by Grandma. I hope it still fits Oscar by the time the cold winter months roll around. Did you see the tail?
This is a sock elephant I made for a baby I'm getting excited to meet.


a gift

Two gifts actually: the first gift was that Benji took the boys to the park this morning so I had a couple extra hours of blissfully quiet sleep. the second gift was this amazing pine cone they brought back for me.

Last year about this time I was out collecting pine cones and other little bits of nature for a group of drawings I was working on for a show I had with my friend Joe in Milwaukee. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I really made a drawing. Here are a few images of that work:

On a related note, I recently finished a wonderful book by Anne Morrow Lindbergh called Gift from the Sea. It's a memoir with reflections on creativity, family life and a mother's need for solitude. It was written 50 years ago but remains extremely relevant. As a mother and an artist I'm finding it very difficult to give my kids what they need and still have something left at the end of the day to give to my art. Carving out little bits of solitude helps.



Five O'clock is too early. We are not at our best at this time of day. Productivity is down and morale is suffering. Please refrain from getting up until at least 6:00 am. 7:30 would be ideal. I hope we will be able to resolve this issue soon.




Oscar has been really into painting again. I finally figured out that the less I try to "help" him to rinse his brush between colors etc. the more he enjoys it. In retrospect this seems quite obvious, and his paintings are so perfect, all he needs from me is help getting set up. I feel like he has an incredible way with colors.

Speaking of color, now that our new kitchen is really starting to take shape it's time to figure out the color scheme. This part is much more fun than comparison shopping for dishwashers which is how I feel I've spent my time for the past few weeks.