boy's day

Boy's Day or Children's Day (Japan) is a favorite holiday in our house. In Japan May fifth is a day to respect boy's personalities and celebrate their happiness. Carp windsocks are flown outside the homes of boys...one for each boy I think although I've also read that each family member gets one. When I lived in Japan many years ago I happened to acquire two of these carp and now I have two boys to celebrate. We made a special lunch today to honor our boys and their BIG personalities.

Onigiri are rice balls with different things inside like pickled plumbs or vegetables. Nori, toasted sesame seeds or shiso can cover the outside for added flavor.


Unknown said...

It's actually a Chinese holiday, which has since been adopted by Korea and Japan in the past few centuries.

Unknown said...

It's a lil different now, but linkage:

Erika Olson Gross said...

Of course, Many Japanese things (and Korean) come directly or indirectly from China; Art, food, language, holidays etc.