Jude's room

Before the construction started on our house a couple weeks ago I took a moment to document Jude's room. When I put this room together for him in the months before he was born my goal was to make a room that was comfortable and safe for him (especially without a crib) and relaxing for me. I'm happy with the way it turned out. Who knows how long it will look this way... Someday it will be littered with dirty socks and have posters of pop stars or baseball heroes. that will be fun too, but I'll keep it like this for as long as I can.


termites made this

We came across this piece of tree bark in a Redwood forest outside San Francisco. Sometimes when I see something as beautiful as this in nature it makes me feel silly for making art...you know?


home again, home again

We just got back from a lovely trip to San Francisco. It was so refreshing to spend some time in a different place, and now I'm happy to be home in Minneapolis.

Here are some pictures from one of my favorite days of our trip: a hike by the Cliff House and the ruins of the Sutra Baths with plenty of time digging in the sand and hunting for sand dollars and sea shells with our friends on the beach.
Thank you Jennie, for a great day!


good finds

I paid my favorite thrift store a visit yesterday. Check out my new treasures:
a Red Owl sewing kit...could this be the best logo ever?
a log shaped planter, frosted fern not included
another lovely handkerchief
a very silly little Humpty Dumpty
a nice long piece of vintage fabric/ trim
and last but not least this lovely little vintage dress with gingham trim. I have a hard time passing up pieces like this despite the fact that I have two boys! I'd say it is about a size 2. Those of you who have daughters (or nieces?)...if you like it it's yours next time I see you.


boy's day

Boy's Day or Children's Day (Japan) is a favorite holiday in our house. In Japan May fifth is a day to respect boy's personalities and celebrate their happiness. Carp windsocks are flown outside the homes of boys...one for each boy I think although I've also read that each family member gets one. When I lived in Japan many years ago I happened to acquire two of these carp and now I have two boys to celebrate. We made a special lunch today to honor our boys and their BIG personalities.

Onigiri are rice balls with different things inside like pickled plumbs or vegetables. Nori, toasted sesame seeds or shiso can cover the outside for added flavor.


things that hang in Oscar's room

We are getting ready to move into my Mom's house for awhile while we do a renovation on our kitchen. I think it will be hard for all of us to be away from our home for so long. I took some pictures of things that are hanging in Oscar's room and I thought I'd pin them up in his temporary room this summer to remind him of home.

This is an owl I made as an example for a project I did in a kid's art class I taught a couple summers ago. Someday I'll post some pictures of the birds the kids made....they are incredible.

Totoro can come with us...he is very tiny.