spring fever

Well technically I shouldn't have spring fever anymore since the calender says it is already spring but I woke up to snow this morning....I guess the garden will have to wit a little longer. Oscar and I decided to start by growing some seedlings inside to be planted in the garden later. This batch is arugula and silverbeet or rainbow chard. I decided to try this idea I found in the book Sow and Grow, A Gardening Book for Children by Tina Davis of planting the seeds in eggshells. The shells are the perfect size for the seedlings, biodegradable and very charming!

After planting the seeds in the shells, cover loosely with plastic wrap...

and keep in a warm dark place until the seeds have sprouted.


If you never see any more about this project here you can assume it was a total failure but hopefully I'll have lots of lovely little sprouts to share with you in just a week or so.

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Scoops said...

Did this ever turn out for you? I was thinking about trying it out this spring. Did you only sprout herbs? I'm considering trying a few vegetables. If you have any tips or advice let me know.