something pretty for a boy

Doesn't Jude look dashing in his neckerchief? It's kind of hard to find a way to dress a boy in something pretty. The stores are awash in camouflage and sports themed things that are horrible, I mean HORRIBLE! A little vintage handkerchief is just the thing for a party, and I've got tons of them.


jen said...

it's the only way to go. I've been a fan of the little neck piece and it does double duty by working to clean up a dirty face too.
Whether there's a little boy or girl in this belly of mine, the little one will certainly be working this look.

nath said...

Yes, it is hard to find clothes for boys or girls that aren't covered in logos or other ghastly unwanted details. I love a neckerchief. Iris wears them as bibs, as capes and as head-scarves..

Rebecca said...

I love having two boys but I so struggle with the whole clothes thing - so limited. Love the 'chief!