easter eggs

The boys and I dyed Easter eggs today and I think they turned out so nicely.  We did this method using little bits of plants growing in the backyard.  I wanted to try my hand at making natural dyes this year but never got around to gathering the supplies I needed.  Instead I faked it by mixing my own dyes with food coloring and vinegar in more muted tones.  I got these pretty colors by toning down the bright artificial colors by adding a little bit of the color's opposite; the red has a little green in it, the blue has a little orange in it etc.  We also rubbed a tiny bit of vegetable oil on the eggs once they were dry to give them a little bit of shine and bring out the depth of the colors. 


Bahne said...

That looks great and that you had a lot of fun.

Happy easter!!!!!!!

love Bahne

Erika Olson Gross said...

Thanks, Bahne!! Happy Easter to you too little brother. xx

handmade romance said...

they look so pretty. i'd like to try this some time too. hope your easter was a fun one x