four years old

Somehow, amazingly, our little Jude is four years old today!  Where does the time go?  We decorated the house a bit last night and set the table with a little arrangement in the center for the birthday boy as we have been doing for the kids for several years.  Just some festive little objects from around the house and Jude's bear in a party hat and a cute new outfit.

The day Jude was born was bitterly cold and felt very much like winter -I remember a terribly bumpy (and urgent!)ride to the hospital in a very cold Volvo station wagon.  Today is warm and sunny and feels much more the the beginning of spring.


Jacomijn said...

Happy birthday !! :o)!!!

Kim Baise said...

Happy Birthday little guy! Kids grow soooo fat, too fast (:
Love the turquoise teddy too!

Giselle said...

Happy Birthday Jude!!! We can't wait for the spring where we can all play outside together!

Ms.Tips said...