Heath Ceramics

I'm happy to report I finished that wholesale order I was talking about and I realized I never announced where all those rabbits and baby toys were off to.  I'm thrilled that Heath Ceramics will be selling my work!  I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity.  Heath is an amazing company and I respect the quality and the ethos of their work so much (okay, I covet just about everything they make) so I jumped at the chance to make work for their stores.  I sent them Rabbit Friends and Waldorf style baby toys and a small edition of simple little jointed bears- just for Heath- wearing feedsack neckerchiefs.  If you are not familiar with Heath, head over to their website to learn about their rich history and philosophy and dream about eating off gorgeous hand made ceramics everyday.


Ms.Tips said...

That's awesome, Erika!! Congratulations. Hey, how's your new studio coming along???

Anna said...

I love Heath! How fun to be able to work with them -- and I think your little guys are a good match!