by mail

Oscar's birthday is right around the corner...six years old!!  I'm feeling so busy this year, I had a moment of weakness:  I suggested to Oscar that perhaps we would just send out an E-vite this year because I was afraid we wouldn't get our usual handmade invitations in the mail in time.  His response was this:  "NOOOOOOoooooooooooo!"  Thank goodness he is stronger than I.  I totally understand the appeal of an E-vite but making and mailing invitations is such a fun project and do you remember the excitement of getting something special in the mail as a kid?  I hate to think that could disappear.  Instead you just have to say to your kid "oh, hey by the way you got invited to a party."  So much less fun.

These are our best invitations yet I think because they were almost entirely made by Oscar.  We threw caution to the wind an let him invite all the full day kids in his class for a bowling party. 

Okay, back to work!


benji said...

These invites turned out great! Good job Oscar and Erika! Two of my favorite creative people.

Alison said...

Wonderful! Nice work:)

Bahne from Germany said...

That look´s great and they are all different!!! Wow. I never get invitations like that. I wish you a great party;-))

Danica said...

Such a great tradition! And stinkin' adorable to boot :)