I have a small collection of vintage/antique toys and these are some recent additions.  There is no real rhyme or reason to my collecting, I just find things from time to time that I feel I can't pass up.  The beaded teething toy I got last summer at an antique store in northern Minnesota.  It cost almost nothing and is one of my favorite objects EVER.  The black and white mouse is a character from a early American comic strip called Krazy Kat.  His name is Ignatz and I found him on Etsy.  The hedgehog is a Steiff I got at a crazy place here in Minneapolis called the Cottage House.  I had the funniest conversation with the woman I bought it from... she said:  "Did you know hedgehogs are like, HUGE in Russia?"  And I was like "Really!?  I had no idea!!" ...thinking she meant that they were very large but really she just meant that they are a very popular animal there.  Well, let me tell you we had a pretty good laugh over that one.

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Ms.Tips said...

I never seen a teething toy like that! I love (Erik too) Krazy Kat toy!!! great finds:)