fox and owl vintage!

Hey!  Did I tell you I opened a vintage shop on Etsy?  Well I did!  I opened Fox and Owl Vintage several weeks ago after talking about doing it for years.  I was kind of waiting to "announce" it until I had a chance to fill it up a bit more, but things are selling already and it sometimes takes me a little while to list my treasures.  The shop will be a small collection of carefully curated vintage toys, dolls and kid's clothes mostly...but not exclusively.  If you have a little girl, you are in luck because this will be my vintage-girls-clothes-obsession-outlet!

I'm in the process of listing a few more things this weekend...here is a little sneak peek!


meg said...

holy crap that dress is awesome..running to etsy right now!

Erika Olson Gross said...

Meg! I just listed it!