This family of sock monkeys for sale on Etsy are driving me mad...I want them.  I'm sure they will find a loving home very soon.  I really love making sock monkeys but haven't made one in a while.  As I said before I'm taking the rest of the summer off from working/ making things.  It feels good to take a break from the pressure of producing but when I'm not creating I always feel a little off.  I think it's good for me to take a break and think about my next project(s) though. 

Maybe I could make one little sock monkey, just for fun?

Speaking of handmade toys, there is good news from the Handmade Toy Alliance about the CPSIA today!

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Ms.Tips said...

oh man, I love sock monkeys!! I saw 5-6 sock animals at our fav thrift store once. It was really hard not to take all of them but picked three. I sold the monkey right away :( but I'm little bit worry about bed bugs. Am I the only one?