about renegade (part two)

I've been meaning to do a special post here about some of the really lovely work I saw at Renegade.  As I said before I didn't get nearly enough time to explore but here are some of the shops I did manage to see and I'm so glad I did.

Hillery Sporatt's work is so darn good.  Her pieces are beautiful and detailed and sweet but also quirky so very thoughtful.  They feel modern but also have a strong connection to folk arts and history making them feel like something from another era.  I missed my opportunity to buy a piece at the show but I know it's just a matter of time before I pick out something special from her shop, Specks and Keepings.  Also she is a total sweetheart.

Also included on my list of Very Talented And Also Super Nice Gals I Met is Nora Aoyagi.  Her work is lovely and kind of dark in a really elegant way.  I was particularly fond of this print I saw and I hope whoever picked up Summer Bear (above) knows how lucky they are!

And finally, I was pleased to meet the lovely Emily Martin of The Black Apple.  She is incredibly talented and prolific and must have just about the best collection of vintage dresses in the world because both days I saw her I thought to myself "Damn, that is an amazing vintage dress."  I love this Portrait With Prize Toys (above).

Want to see the presents I bought myself?

A small print by Hillary BirdTogether.  It's hanging in my kitchen and feels like a good sentiment to keep in mind in my (sometimes) crazy house.  Also this pretty bracelet/necklace from Cursive.  

Lastly,  a friend of mine from my book club directed me here for a really nice mention of my work.  Go there if you want to see a (sadly) typically awkward picture of yours truly!


Sara said...

Your booth looked so cute and I am really mad that I was unable to go this year especially since you were there. Your son is so darn cute manning the booth too.

HRS said...

Thanks Erika! What a nice post.

nice-etc.com / caitlin said...

it was really nice meeting you! your work is fantastic and so well crafted. ..i love that you got one of my top favorite pieces from sarah or curisve design! she is a good pal of mine! ...aaand i clicked the link to see your 'awkward' photo because i myself am really just so awesome at awkward posing..i see your photo, i get what you mean, but you still look very cute...then i keep scrolling and there i am, representing the awkwardness, haha. we almost have the same expression haha, only i look like i'm a squirrel or something? man oh man.. anyway, i hope our paths cross again soon! :)

Erika Olson Gross said...

Caitlin- It was so nice to meet you too! I have to say I did kind of notice that your picture was a little awkward too (having seen you in person and knowing you are super cute)...It's nice to know I'm not alone in my affliction! I hope our paths meet again too.