to-do list

I stayed up much too late last night knitting sweaters for these mice.  I have a to-do list and I'm trying hard to stay on schedule from now until we leave for San Francisco so I feel good about the amount of work I'm bringing to Renegade.  I woke up this morning (groggy and crabby) and looked at my task for today: "finish knitting mouse sweaters!!"  Mouse sweaters...jeesh.  I think everyone around me would appreciate it if I would chill out a bit.


Ampersand Commodities said...

we've got loads of big fairs coming up and we're keeping super strict lists too...its a bit lonesome isnt it?
The mice and their jumpers look incredible though so keeping to your lists is paying off

Kristine said...

I wouldn't mind having those mice skittering around the attic. They are the cutest mice ever! Everything looks brilliant! Wish I was in SF for the fair. Please come to Los Angeles next time!

Doe said...

I definitely need one of these critters to come live with me.

Wishing you luck! You'll do great I'm sure of it.

MALINIK said...

Mouse sweaters - I like em and the mouse too!

Ms.Tips said...

gotta get those mouse sweaters done, Erika!!!! (lol) so cute!! I wish I could go to the craft fair with you!