for babies

I'm just finishing up a new batch of these Waldorf-inspired baby toys today...three dogs, three polar bears and one brown bear.  It's so fun to be working with this pattern again.  My cupboards are starting to fill up with toys for Renegade which makes me feel good but I have so many more things I want to make.


Kristine said...

So cute! Love the dog. My girls loved these kind of soft chew/snuggle toys. Wish they had one of yours when they were babes.

leslie said...

these just stopped me in my tracks, they are just PERFECT.

misako mimoko said...

I LOVE THEM soooo much!!
maybe for grown girls like me too???
(yesss, please!!)
It's so funny... my favorites are still avaible at your shop, I don't know why, I can't understand it!
have a nice weekend :)