boy's day

Today is the Japanese holiday Boy's Day (or Children's Day) and we celebrated as we always do, by making onigiri.  It has turned into a favorite family tradition in our house.  Today was the first time Oscar is not with us for lunch on Boy's Day as he is at school all day now.  I got to pack his in his specialized onigiri shaped lunch box (which usually holds a sandwich).  I've posted it before but here is a recipe for making onigiri...fun, easy and so delicious.  It brings me back to my days in Japan...we used to buy them at the Circle K after school.

Hooray for boys!


Mary Daniels said...

oh yes, hooray for boys. what a good celebration.
also, the photo of oscar is amazing. he is so darn handsome.

Ms.Tips said...

Happy boy's day! yum :) my japanese grandma used make the best onigiri. she used to put different things (pickled plum, marinated kombu, bonito...etc..) in the middle and we'd play guessing games. Now I'm hungry
for some onigiri...

Erika said...

TT: Let's make them next time we get together with the BOYS!