This is the design Oscar and I came up with for valentines for his classmates. My criteria was that it had to be cute (of course!) easy for us to make together, and I wanted to use these wooden beads I just got at a bargain price. All other materials and tools were things already in our craft arsenal. Oscar and I had a heated debate about whether or not the felt circles should be of varying sizes (my idea) or the same size (Oscar's idea). I argued that if they were of various sizes you could stack them in descending order and would be better able to see the different colors. Oscar's point was that you could still see the different colors from the side- a point he illustrated by stacking his hands on top of one another..."see!?" he said, exasperated. Of course, he was right and it does look better that way. You win again, Oscar!

A couple of notes about the materials:

The hole punch pictured is a Martha Stewart hole punch with a really tiny hole. It's one of my favorite tools and I use it all the time for gift tags etc. A big needle would also work just fine to make a little hole in the paper heart.

I love DecoColor paint markers but they are not safe for very young kids to use. Use supervision or use a non-toxic version. Sharpie and Elmer's both make non-toxic paint pens that are okay.


kristin said...

you sure nailed "cute" with this one!! i would be so charmed to see this sweet piece come home with my boy in lieu of the smattering of tooth-decaying treats.

Delia said...


Alison said...

love it!! nice work you two!!