snow day

We are getting buried once again under huge amounts of snow...at least a foot so far and still falling. My class today has been canceled and we have all spent the day watching movies and playing checkers and shoveling mountains of snow. I've had a chance to work out the new rabbit pattern too. I've got plans for rabbits and ducks and maybe a couple of bears for Easter this year. My Etsy shop is looking pretty barren these days but I'll plan to add the new toys to it in early April.

We are shoveling snow in shifts today and it's my turn!


Kara Foster said...

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time!!! Can you explain to me what is actually occuring in this picture? I am completely enamored with and blown away by the amount of snow you all are getting. It's been rather warm down here the last few days.

Erika said...

Hi Kara! Okay, Jude is inside a little cave dug out of a huge pile (at least 7ft high) of snow that we made when we shoveled a path through our backyard. I upped the contrast so the snow kind of fades into the white of the page. It's fun but at a certain point (in the city at least) you start to run out of places to put it all!