a new project

I did a little photo shoot today with my NEW camera (happy birthday to me!) and it was really fun. I still have a lot to figure out with this camera but I like it a lot so far. I see more of these photo shoots in my future....It's a fun way to document my dolls and animals and it gives me a way to use some of the many many bits of vintage doll clothes and other tiny treasures I've accumulated over the years.

Bundle up...It's cold out there today!


teddybearswednesday said...

I'm loving these set up shots Erika, so gorgeous.
I got a new camera too, for Xmas, and am in the same boat as you, loving it but still yet to figure alot of the stuff out.
Oh and Happy Birthday!! Is it today?xo

Erika said...

Hi Jess- Hooray new camera club! Thanks for the birthday wishes...Christmas Eve was the day and it was a good one!

urban craft said...

yes more photos, it's such a happy little scene. Total cuteness.

Kristine said...

I see a picture book in your future! Beautiful photos and lovely dolls!

handmade romance said...

happy belated bday! love the new pics cant wait to see what you get up to with the new camera. i really really need one : )