It's been a busy week around here...my classes are starting up again and I'm in the middle of lots of projects. I wouldn't have much to post this week except what a serious mess my work table is.

I wanted to show you this picture of the hawk that landed outside our big kitchen window the other morning with it's prey. Of course if I were a better photographer I would have had the hawk in focus instead of the vitamins on the kitchen table, but I still like this picture. I've seen several hawks in our neighborhood in the past couple of years and this summer we saw bald eagles soaring over our house...amazing! I'm not a particularly superstitious person but this felt like a really good omen.


~ Faith said...

It's always neat when nature happens right outside your window.


wendy jane said...

i've always heard that hawks represent a new journey on the horizon or new insight or clarity in your life. hawks are messengers of light/day, while owls are darkness/night. i've had both visit me at different times and am so fascinated by the timing... pretty cool! you must have something very special coming up! :)

Giselle said...

I have a photo of it eating a pigeon next door! I'll send you a copy of it now!

Jess said...

Last week, when I was coming home from seeing my daughter off on the bus, I saw a hawk swoop to the tree across the alley from me. The squirrel that had been hanging out in the tree high-tailed it out of there, let me tell you.
I came over from Elsie Marley, very cute hat on that post.