arthur's first christmas

This is my new nephew Arthur. He's incredibly sweet and adorable and we can see already he's really quite special. His mom (my sister) and dad are pretty special too as a matter of fact. Of all the exciting events of the past year, his birth was by far the most wonderful.

I made him a little Waldorf-inspired baby bear for Christmas and here he is melting my heart by seeming to really like his new toy! It is really fun to have a new baby in the family and it's got me thinking about baby toys again...an interest that seemed to fade now that my own boys are no longer babies. I've made a couple more of these Baby Bears but a little different than Arthur's...his is one of a kind just for him.

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Alison said...

Arthur is still completely in love with his bear! He has sucked on every inch of it already:) I really can't thank you enough for the gift but also for being a perfect aunt!!