rabbit fur

I've been holding on to this precious little bit of vintage french angora for some time now. A scarf for a rabbit seems like the perfect use for it. I've been pretty productive with my toy-making in the last month or so but I've had to accept that I'm just one person and there is only so much I can do. These toys are so time consuming and I like to pretty much make them one at a time...I love the process of letting each animal or doll's personality develop in their own way. I'm still not sure when I'll put all these little creatures in my Etsy shop. I'm trying to fill up the shop just in time for a bit of press I may be getting (!).

Sewing has been a nice change of pace from all the drawing and painting I had been so engrossed in all summer. Speaking of which...our show at the MIA opens tonight!

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kristin said...

erika, this is all so wonderful!! i'm heading over to MIA first chance i get...there is so much i don't know about you.

congratulations on all this good stuff!