new bears, and my worlds collide

I'm working on a new group of toys for my Etsy shop now. Usually I've just added a few items here and there but this year I'm working on a larger group that I'll add all at once sometime in November.

A preview of my art show got written up in a local publication called the City Pages. It's a strange bit of writing in which the author refers to my Etsy shop and the toys I make and not really at all to the fine art work that I do and that will obviously be in the show. It's probably just the result of a very quick bit of research involving a Google search on my name and I suppose it serves me right...after all this blog is a mash up of all the disparate aspects of my life/ career. I'm trying to let it go as I feel like there my be more press (both for the art and the crafts) in the near future and I don't have any control over any of it right?


Alison said...

I think meshing your worlds is perfect! It allows people to see more than one side of you and to keep them wanting more!!

teddybearswednesday said...

your new bears are wonderful Erika.
I would argue that your bears are art, in their own beary way. xo

mimi k said...

How frustrating! And it is very true- you never know what people will put in print about you. I hope the show is a fabulous success!

Sara said...

sorry to hear about the article not mentioning your work in fine art! I can't wait to see all the bears you end up creating for your update. These two are so lovely! Congrats again on the show!