crop art

This is crop art...a portrait made entirely of seeds by Lillian Colton. George must have been a very special person indeed! I took this picture at the Minnesota State Fair...an event that is always delightful and a little bit horrific at the same time.

I'm crazy busy finishing up the drawings for my upcoming exhibition and getting ready for the start of a new school year. I have so many things I've been wanting to post but there is just not enough time!

Hey, this is my 200th post!


kristin said...

200 posts!! that's nothing to sneeze at :)

i know what you mean about the crop art...i never miss it, but am not sure why

Zoe said...

hi! thinking of you busily working away and looking forward to catching up, seeing your show, etc!

i got to see lillian working at the fair way back when - very special and memorable!