aaaaaand done!

Ta-da! I'm done with my drawings for my show! Well, I think I am at least. It feels rather anti-climactic. I think I've just been looking at these drawings way too long...I don't know how I feel about them anymore. The next step is having them photographed and framed and it will be so nice to have them out of my hands. I got to see some of the work by the three other artists I'll be showing with and that got me very excited about this exhibition. I'll show you their work soon too.

It's going to be a bit of an out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire situation for me around here. I also have another show to install and I'm going to try to make as much Christmas Cuteness for my Etsy shop as I possibly can this holiday season. And last but certainly not least I have a baby shower to get ready for! My lovely sister is having her first baby and I'm pretty much out of my mind excited about it. She is adding a new member to the Boy's Club!


Mary Daniels said...

yeah boys club!
And congratulations to you Erika. You have made beautiful work. I can't wait to see the show.

handmade romance said...

congratulations on finishing your drawings! cant wait to see more. hope the baby shower goes well too - congrats to your sis!

Sara said...

congratulations Erika! Your work is super lovely, the "dream quilt" is just wonderful.
Thanks for visiting my blog too. You work is so inspiring to me :)

Alison said...

What a week! I can't wait for your show, what I have seen so far has really blown my socks off! I also loved the shower, it was perfect! And, now that it's over, he is allowed to come and join the club and have his first art show at a very early age:)