vintage easter cuteness

This pair just arrived in the mail today. I found them here while looking for cute stuff for Easter baskets.

In the past I've tried to keep the Easter baskets really neutral so as not to expose myself as the Easter basket preparer. This year I've made rabbits for the kids and started collecting things for the baskets that are probably obviously made by/ picked out by me. I don't really feel like keeping up with the Easter Bunny charade but then I fear my whole web of lies (namely Santa) will come unravelled....Should I come clean and spoil the magic or weave an even more complicated tale?


teddybearswednesday said...

Boy these guys are cute!! thanks for the etsy tip.
As for the easter bunny thing I dunno not being a mum but I do know, when my sister and I started to cotton on about the easter bunny, we still loved going along with the magic you know? ANd pretending- I guess it's one of the magics of childhood, which once gone is hard to get in adult life.

Alison said...

Super cute!! Maybe you can give the baskets, but the easter bunny can hide the eggs around the house? Or, you helped the easter bunny buy stuff because we're in a recession. If you do decide to turn in the easter bunny I think that you can keep santa going. Logistically, the easter bunny carrying baskets is harder to explain (thumbs) than Santa.

Anonymous said...

As someone who was raised with the most complex of holiday mythology, I say, weave that complicated tale with all your heart!