happy birthday dear jude!

My little guy turned two today! Here he is dressed as his Mom which is funny because we look so much alike (according to everyone I know and many complete strangers). What a great kid.

I get a little crazy about birthday parties. It's not that I want them to be extra extravagant or anything but it's in the little details of something like a birthday party that I am best able to express my love and appreciation for my kids.

Over the past few years we have developed some birthday traditions in our house that I love. Every family has its own way of making a child feel special on his or her birthday but I thought I'd share some of our family traditions with you.

After the kids go to bed the night before the big day I put up some decorations. It's not anything super fancy or complicated, just something cheery to welcome the birthday boy when he comes downstairs in the morning. I've started making a little birthday still life in the center of the table. These things are not presents but rather little objects from around the house that I think the birthday kid might enjoy. This year for Jude I put out his bear who was wearing a new sweater, a little vintage brass bell that says "happy birthday" on it, some daffodils and a couple other figurines etc. that are not always out in the house so they feel special.

A homemade cake is a must! I'm not a big baker but the extra effort is so worth it. Again, it's not something we do regularly (bake cakes) so it's a signifier of a special day. This year my husband Benji was in charge of the cake. When we asked Jude what he wanted on his cake he said "brother" so voila! Oscar's face on a cake! Way to go Benji!

Usually on the night of the child's birthday (okay sometimes a few nights later) my husband and I each sit down and write him a letter. Neither of us are very good about writing in baby books so this is a way for us to take some time at least once a year and write about our feelings for the child and recount some of our favorite memories from the past year. I'm not sure when we will give the kids the letters...maybe just when they ask for them.

Today was such a good day. Thank you family for making Jude's birthday very sweet!


naomi said...

happy birthday to your little Jude! What a great name he has... we have a Jude too:)
And the cake is fantastic. So sweet he wanted his brother on it.

kristin said...

we write letters to our boys too...i always imagine handing them the stack when they turn 18 so they can start reading them when they feel like it. i also tuck a photo in each letter...an original that they will only see when they one day open that letter.

happy birthday sweet jude.