party time

Two birthday parties this weekend!

Oscar has discovered the joy of making fingerprint people. We made this wrapping paper together this morning. The present inside is decidedly NOT handmade...I'm sure the kid will love it as it involves cars and launching them or shooting them or blasting them or something.

Speaking of boys, I just ordered the book Raising Cain by Michael Thompson. I'm hoping it will give me some insight into these boys of mine (who are making me kind of crazy right now).

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


Fine Little Day said...

That wrapping paper is super nice!

kristin said...

cabin fever maybe? it's been an especially hard winter for us this year. (i have two boys also). there never seems to be enough activity for them to fill a day.

thanks for the gift wrap inspiration...i can see this will have to go in our project idea list. :)