new land of milk and honey

A few months ago I ran into my friend Brett at a coffee shop and asked him what he was up to. He casually told me he and some friends were starting a cult. Knowing Brett as I do I was neither shocked nor alarmed.

So it turns out The New Land of Milk and Honey is not only an experiment in communal living but also a show at The Soap Factory here in Minneapolis.
New Land of Milk and Honey
Here is a photo by Patrick Kelley of the performance last weekend. I'm so sorry to have missed it but happy to hear they will be doing their performance again on the closing night April 3rd.

Are these knits incredible or what? See more of Annie Lee Larson's work at her blog swank dollar as well as more photos of what looks like a pretty spectacular show.


LittlePerson said...

OH,"The New Land of Milk and Honey ", is it a story from the Bible?

andrea of ffft said...

I want in! And I want Brett, if that is indeed him on the floor in that lovely knit piece :) LOL, tell him he would fit right in in Nelson!

Erika said...

Ha! no that's not him...I'm sure Brett wouldn't disappoint you though!

Ella said...

Not sure if it's your friend at the front, but whoever he is, he looks a little like the late Kurt Cobain!


That angel in the front is our good friend Fletcher. A most excellent maker of edibles and tamales!