i like you

For those of you in Minneapolis who have inquired about buying pieces, I brought a few things (some toys and also t-shirts and sweatshirts) over to the store i like you yesterday. If you haven't been yet you should check it out. They have a great assortment of only hand made things, most of which are made locally. Also, the two ladies who run the shop are super nice...I like them.


sonya said...

I like your dolls very mach!they are very nice and warm!

Leroy Wincek said...

My girlfriend purchased the bear with blue scarf for my birthday at the I like you shop. He sits on my shelf and is a source for joy whenever I catch his eye. I was wondering how long he took to create and what is he stuffed with?

Erika said...

Hi Leroy! So happy to hear that bear made it to a nice home where he is loved. He is stuffed with excelsior (wood shavings) and took...hmmmmm...several hours to make.