paper city

I found another way in which Oscar is a lot like me; he's either not interested in making art at all or he's producing things like mad. Yesterday he made this paper city which involved lots of "scissor work" and some "glue stick work" as well. I helped him fold down the bottoms of the pieces of paper but otherwise this was a totally independent project for him from inception to completion. This working independently business is new for him and I know it is a reflection of his new Montessori environment.

I've been making things too, but not what I'm supposed to be making. I've barely started the Halloween costumes not to mention the work for my big show next year at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts...but somehow I found the time to make Oscar a lovely new teddy bear for his birthday which is not for another month and a half. I'm rather pleased with the outcome. I'll post pictures of it as soon as we get a bit of sun so I can get a decent image. This has been one of the rainiest, cloudiest and snowiest Octobers on record here.

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jordan said...

This paper city is incredible! Children have the most amazing little brains.