oscar's watercolors

I think these paintings Oscar made are so lovely. I've always just let Oscar use my paints and brushes so I think that's part of why these turn out so well. A couple nice brushes and a set of good watercolors will last a long time and will be so much nicer than those cheap plastic brushes with hairs falling out all the time and icky clumpy paints. With Jude I'll have to wait a while before introducing him to paints as he is still putting everything in his mouth.

I'm having a hard time getting Oscar interested in making art lately so when he agreed to sit down with me a few days ago do to some painting I was happy. The more I want him to do it the more resistant he is. I'm trying to adopt a nonchalant attitude about art with him but so far it has not worked at all. I'm sure he can see right through my act!

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amanda said...

Erika, these are stunning! I can understand why you are attached to him making art. These paintings are beautiful.